Estimote Launches Help Desk

For those of you tinkering with your new kit of Estimote beacons there’s finally a way to get answers to your questions that doesn’t rely on Twitter or hanging out on GitHub.

Estimote has launched a new Zendesk-powered community portal that will hopefully make it easier to keep track of common questions and answers (and ticks one of our requests off the list!)

I’m not sure I’d go asking for launch plans for their back-end fleet management and CMS system however: perhaps wisely, they’re so far being vague about an anticipated launch date, although they promise it’s in the works.

Elsewhere, Estimote, provided this little hint at how you might want to use the accelerometer chip that comes in an Estimote beacon:

“Yeap, there is an API for accel. Stick it to front doors or fridge and you got better context.”

Never thought of that before! A new way to trigger an interaction instead of region zones maybe? Open the door to the store and your app welcomes you in.

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3 thoughts on “Estimote Launches Help Desk

  1. Wakening App from a killed state is a pain !! The only way I have discovered is to let the user create a passbook voucher/membership card when they first download the app.When my phone is near my beacon or beacons ( you can configure it just to look for 1 for example near the entrance) a msg will pop up on the lock screen. A bit of a HACK !! any thoughts ??? or better solutions would be great.


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