iBeacon World-Changers: Washington Post Gets Beacons


iBeacon and Bluetooth LE are door-openers to “groundbreaking services that could enhance the average person’s life” according to the Washington Post.

The well-researched article included interviews with some of the luminaries of the becosystem. Mark Wallace of Radius Networks highlighted Bluetooth LE beacons as “the next big technology” and pointed to the CES Scavenger Hunt that’s happening this week at the big electronics show.

The article helps to educate consumers on the coming wave of contextual and proximity-based experiences and highlights some of the things iBeacon makes possible:

  • Proximity-based coupons and offers as you go shopping
  • The connected home and environments that respond to your presence
  • Scavenger hunts, rewards, museum tours
  • Toys with embedded sensors and awareness

It’s a fascinating list of uses.

But even better is that the masthead of a mainstream publication can now be used in your presentations to brands, retailers, investors and sponsors. It’s proof that while Bluetooth LE might seem like the current darling of the retail and technology press it’s also something that consumer-facing media is now wrapping its head around.

The Year of the Beacon is upon us as the Washington Post helpfully reminds us.

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One thought on “iBeacon World-Changers: Washington Post Gets Beacons

  1. Thanks a lot for such informative blogs , can you suggest me some beacon SDK for android and Ios with no vendor lock-ins. SDK for stick & Find , Estimote are available but i am bound to use their hardware . I would like to get my beacon hardware from some other manufacturer ( any chinese , japanese ) company and would like to use any other SDK / API to code for it. I cannot create my own SDK , but would like to use some other . Can you please suggest me some . Thanks in advance.


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