Coke is It: iBeacon at the World Cup and in Global Mobile Efforts


Coke is heavily leaning towards an iBeacon experience at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil this summer calling the technology a potentially “major part of its marketing activity for major calendar events including the World Cup, for which it is a key sponsor”.

If you needed any greater validation that iBeacons have a place in event marketing and at major festivals and venues, I can’t imagine what’s better than endorsement by one of the world’s leading brands. (And conveniently validates our own thoughts on what we’ll see from iBeacon applications in the year ahead).

In an interview with The Drum the digital director of Coca Cola, Simon Miles, is looking to iBeacon for ways that you can bring marketing to life in new ways:

“We are looking long and hard at iBeacons and what they might bring to market. It’s very interesting. We have some good ideas which will come to market this year around this as there are big opportunities.

“If you think that we can offer people various different offers and conversations with people depending on how close they are to our fixtures it can really help bring your marketing to life in a new way. What’s interesting is how we can integrate it.

Brands Coming Soon to a Beacon Near You“What’s really interesting is where we can have iBeacons installed so a person will receive one message when in the car park, then a second, different one once they are in-store, in a way which can bring your message to life.”

For Coca Cola, iBeacon is a way for brands to cut through in noisy marketplaces.

While the interview focuses on push messages and getting attention, their real value won’t just come from major brands sending commercials when you walk by the pop machine but from delivering contextual messages that are valued by the consumer.

Nonetheless, while proponents of NFC might be fuming a little in the comments below the interview, the exploration of iBeacon by Coke in a global and visible way is further proof that the era of Bluetooth LE is truly upon us.

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2 thoughts on “Coke is It: iBeacon at the World Cup and in Global Mobile Efforts

  1. Do you see any scenario where brands have a material role in shaping in-venue experiences? Since there has to be an app, it doesn’t seem like people are going to be running brand apps… frankly, the expectation that users will be firing up different apps for different retailers seem to have some pretty big limits as well.


  2. MiiPharos are already adding to museum visitors experience in the War Museum of Thessaloniki, Greece by providing visitors with rich multimedia content for exhibits, navigation & guidance based on iBeacon technology The app downloaded for this use also allows for any other MiiPharos iBeacon device, installed by any other MiiPharos contracted retailer, to communicate with the fired up smart phone.
    I would like to make sure that you know that I have an interest in MiiPharos. But check the above out because it’s all true. 


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