Be The Beacon: Opinions Wanted!


Want to Write an Article for BEEKn?
Your Opinion and Insight Counts.

Do you have an insight into the world of iBeacon technology that you’d like to share? Something that drives you crazy? (Apple iOS beacon ‘ranging’ being one of my favorite examples!) Or something that you’re passionate about?

Or maybe you have a product or project that you’d like to show off?

I’d like to open the doors a little and invite you to contribute to BEEKn. All you have to do is drop me a line, let me know what your idea is for a guest column, and we’re good to go!

Guest Columns: A Few Simple Rules

The only things we’ll ask are the following:

  • We’re not interested in ‘ads’ for products  – but we ARE interested in the thinking that went into them, the people behind the scenes, and your hopes and expectations. So by all means, send us suggestions for a post about your platform or product, but please let us know what the reader will learn OTHER than your features and benefits – what can you share about your thinking or experiences that’s generally useful to the beacon community?
  • We’ll always reserve the right to edit but if we do you’ll have final approval before it’s posted
  • YES, we will include links to your site or social profiles – anything we can do to help let the world connect with you and learn how awesome you are.

Now…you don’t need to write a guest column for us to cover your product or platform. If you’re not a writer, that’s fine – continue to send us your links,  releases, questions and opinions (it’s amazing how much we learn from you on Twitter, for example). We’ll keep doing what we do and we’ll keep writing about what we learn and discover.

But we do kind of love the idea of bringing some new perspectives and voices to the table too. (And maybe some different opinions?)

So if you have an idea for a post, e-mail me: doug@ and let’s help build awareness, knowledge and passion amongst the becosystem.

Be the Beacon.

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7 thoughts on “Be The Beacon: Opinions Wanted!

  1. Dear Doug,

    First of all, I have to say sorry in advance for my bad English skill, I’m a Thai actually.

    I’m a technology enthusiastic and I’m so excite by the fact that Apple will revolutionize the world with iBeacon this year.

    I writing to you just to say that I absolutely love your insightful article that I visit your website almost everyday.

    I’m not a good writer and I’m not working in the tech industry. But you can always email me if you want some opinion from an outsider.

    Here’s my one and only article…but I still can’t manage to finish it.

    View at

    Best regards,


  2. Hi Doug, I am a technology addicted and I really like your blog. Beacons are a current issue at the moment but and I think there is a lack of knowledge about them. In spite of being a technology with a great potential, some limitations must be keep in mind before including iBeacon or Beacon technology in our business:
    1. iBeacons just operate in iPhone 4S ahead with iOS7 installed. It covers 15% of the Android market and 5% of other OS.
    2. Its range is just 25 meters and it’s not configurable.
    3. To detect visitors, it requires users to pre-install an App on their smartphones.
    4. Not only installed applications are require, but also you must have the Bluethooth on, but in practice, almost no one keeps it switched on continuously.
    What do you think about that? I have found a very interesting blog that compares Beacons with Seeketing Nodes and I totally recommend you to read. These devices allow you to analyze the customers’ behaviour over 85% of the visitors, enhancing their shopping experience and offering the possibility to send information through the mobile, even if they don’t have an App installed:
    I am waiting for your answer


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