Toshiba Launches Bluetooth LE "Smart Signs"

Toshiba showed off some new technology at the recent SC Business Fair in Yokohama, Japan that uses Bluetooth LE beacons to create a personalized billboard for passing shoppers.

According to Tech-On! the signs turn a customer’s smart phone into a kind of remote control for what appears on the displays, and juggles multiple users by ‘tagging’ the offers:

The Smartphone-linked Signage sends out beacon signals by using Bluetooth low energy wireless technology. When the user’s smartphone comes close to the system and receives the beacon signals, it becomes possible to link the phone to the system. A button appears on the smartphone screen, and an icon that has the same color as the button appears on the display of the signage system.

The displays remind us a little of the vision for adaptive storefronts offered up by +rehabstudio – although we still think it has a creepy kind of Minority Report quality.

But the Toshiba tech shows off the idea that with beacons, it’s not just a phone that be personalized. And displays are just the start: what happens if lights, music, physical displays and drones got into the act too?

Instead of delivering to your home, the Amazon drone could pop over to aisle 11 and bring the bag of basmati rice right to your cart.

Futuristic? Maybe. But Minority Report style displays are already being shown off in Japan…and as goes Japan, so goes the science fiction imagination.

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2 thoughts on “Toshiba Launches Bluetooth LE "Smart Signs"

  1. Hmmmm. I wish they had a real video that shows this Toshiba tech. The ‘what could be’ one is cool, but I wanna see real stuff working and how interactive it really is.


  2. our app in development does it in reality allow multiple users to interact and control displays remotely. This day n age is so increidble that a few guys with vision, passion and a non stop drive to consume documentation can create the same thing if not “realer” than a billion dollar company! Cheers to 2014 and beyond.


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