Beacon Hackathon: UK Edition

A Hackathon will be held this weekend (April 25-27th) in the UK with presentations by beacon providers on Friday evening, and two days of coding and judging on Saturday and Sunday.

The event, being hosted by BeMyApp, follows on the success of the company’s San Francisco edition. You don’t need to be a coder to attend – just bring your ideas and maybe some skills at creating a slide deck and the BeMyApp team will set you up.

During the San Francisco event, for which we were a kind of honorary judge (technical issues kept us from adding our votes to the final tally) a full room was kept busy “>exploring potential use cases for iBeacon technology:

First place went to, an app that lets you find and book conference rooms using beacons. Bigger Box came in second with their app that utilizes beacons to make a virtual shopping cart for the real world and take the frustration out of an IKEA shopping trip. In third place, we had InstaSave, that implemented wearable beacons as a safety measure to keep children from falling drowning, by alerting the parents when the child falls into a pool or off a boat.

Among those that didn’t get medals, our favorites were SkyEye, using beacons strapped to drones to follow you while you are engaged in sports, Bag Tag, which uses beacons placed inside your luggage to help you avoid frustration and bag loss at airports, and Early Bear, an app that uses beacons to connect you with other users to give you wake up calls and help you get rid of the habit of hitting the snooze button.

While the San Francisco event was barely two months ago, we’ve seen some amazing developments in the world of beacons – not just those hacked at conferences, but real-world deployments that include beacons at MLB parks, a beacon-powered Easter Egg hunt, and beacons at the Tribeca Film Festival.

I’d be curious, coming out of the UK event, to see beacon experiences that treat multiple users as beacons; that target unusual vertical markets (like, say, buskers?); or that combine beacons with accelerometers or temperature detectors.

But it’s up to you – what will YOU build? And don’t forget to sign up today.

We’ll have some on-the-ground reporting from the hackathon and look forward to sharing the results!

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Will you be attending the UK Hackathon? If not – toss some ideas in the comments below. Maybe one of the teams will run with it!

4 thoughts on “Beacon Hackathon: UK Edition

  1. Chris Sexton, Radius Networks’ Director of Software Engineering, will be at the London iBeacon Hackathon to help teams with their projects. For Hackathon attendees, please make sure that you introduce yourself and say hello. You can follow Radius Networks and Chris Sexton on the Twitters at @RadiusNetworks and @crsexton. Good Luck!


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