iBeacon Tutorial from the King of Tutorials

iBeacon Tutorial Haz Cats


An in-depth iBeacon tutorial has been posted at the textbook site for XCode and iOS development: Ray Wenderlich.

Other tutorials may be, shall we say, more modern looking. Appcoda amd DevFright both provide neat, clean overviews of how to code an app to work with the Apple iBeacon framework.

But there’s something about tutorials on Ray Wenderlich that edge just slightly enough into being overly geeky to make them challenging but incredibly useful.

The author, Chris Wagner, outlines basic information about what a Bluetooth LE powered beacon is and then gets to experiment with beacons from KSTechnologies (an often unrecognized manufacturer of beacons which has been spotted under white label at other companies).

The tutorial takes you through all the basics – and assumes some familiarity with how a TableViewController, helper methods and other basics of XCode. He demonstrates how to range beacons and to loop your found beacons against those in your array and shows how to properly execute notifications on region exit.

It’s a nice solid tutorial from the king of tutorials and even for those experienced with beacons is still worth a look for the way Chris solved a few little challenges along the way (such as the lastSeenBeacon helper class).

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Any tutorials you’ve seen that proved especially helpful? If there were other iBeacon tutorials that pushed us in new directions, what would they cover?

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