Beacons Hits The Beach – And a Magazine Near You

In a sign of how ubiquitous beacons will become, a campaign by Nivea shows that beacons definitely aren’t just for the shopping aisle – they’re for your kids, your dog or your refrigerator case full of caviar.

The following campaign highlights an amazing concept: that beacons can be distributed directly in a magazine. With waterproof paper, you detach the beacon and a ‘wrist band’, attach it you your child, and get notified on a companion app if he or she wanders off.

While the price of beacons might not make this an affordable campaign for every brand, the cost of beacons continue to come down – and instead of ordering your beacons online, there will come a day soon when they’re part of a magazine spread or sent to you in the mail.

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7 thoughts on “Beacons Hits The Beach – And a Magazine Near You

  1. What or where is the revenue model here? Are they only going after the install and in turn willing to pay a $5 (or whatever the cost of beacon is) to get the install?


  2. Brand recognition for Nivea. So yes, only going after the install for brand exposure…and I imagine some of the data that comes out the back end.

    Imagine dozens of kids at the beach with the Nivea brand attached to their arm and you see the brand benefit 🙂


  3. Not sure why they wouldn’t just distribute it with one of their other products (sunblock) to ensure the devices aren’t wasted / overlooked.


  4. Great find. I just discovered that these days. And -being in the agency business myself – I smell a zombie campaign here heading for an innovation award. Although this is a brilliant idea it still is a future concept. But hey, that’s what (well budgeted) agencies should do, show what’s happening tomorrow.


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