Beacon Week San Francisco

Beacons are the ‘gateway drug to the Internet of Everything’.

And as we’ve shifted from prototypes to large-scale deployments and start to see increasingly complex systems and devices for managing fleets of beacons, the number of use cases and businesses which will be built around the devices will only grow.

This deck is for those who attended Beacon Week in San Francisco today, sponsored by the team at

Thanks for a great event and remember – Be The Beacon(TM).

And P.S. if we didn’t get a chance to chat, or if you weren’t able to attend, let’s connect.

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9 thoughts on “Beacon Week San Francisco

  1. Nice deck Dustin. Wish I could have been there.

    I was interested in your comment “don’t use background mode”.
    I know background mode can be tricky to choreograph, the restrictions on ranging are a challenge (solvable), and there are a lot more variables that can cause issues (insufficiently high refresh rates, combined with arbitrary changes in the behavior of the OS scheduling) but I’ve seen wonderful user experiences that rely on background mode (e.g. hands free payment for small ticket items), and it seems that background can open up analytics based on an app reporting back the location of where a phone is (as someone wanders around a store) even when its not “on screen” which most times it won’t be.
    Can you expand on the observation?

    Thanks for sharing.



  2. Thanks Steve – and for being there today. What I’m actually referring to is generally using UIBackgroundMode for basic beacon implementations. Most tutorials will tell you to activate “use bluetooth accessories” and location updates in app capabilities.

    But iBeacon handles these things for you and Apple doesn’t look kindly on those capabilities being activated when iBeacon will usually do the trick.

    You don’t LOSE any features by not activating them – can still range beacons even when your app is off. But as I say Apple, we’ve heard in numerous instances, is rejecting apps that have them on – it’s too hard on battery, I think is their reasoning, and iBeacon offers most of the “app is off/ranging” functions you need.

    Payments etc might be a good use case where they’re needed because they really DO rely on accessories.



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